Training & Extension

Udaipur milk union is operating special training centre where training is provided for several area related to DCS operations viz DCS secretary, Management Committee member, AI workers, milk tester, first aid worker, chairman orientation, dairy animal management and various refresher courses etc.

To enhance active participation of the producer members in the DCS, to create awareness about improved animal husbandry practices viz feeding, crossbreeding, animal management and stimulate fodder production, extension activities are carried out at DCS and at milk unions.

Under farmer’s induction & orientation program, visits to the dairy plants are arranged to demonstrate the process & disposal of the milk collected from the producers.

Producers are also taken to visit the model Indian dairy cooperative-Anand Milk Cooperative Union (AMUL ) in Gujarat and they in turn educate other milch animal owners in their area about the practices and benefits of cooperatives. Audio-visual aids, field demonstrations, extension camps are used to explain feeding, breeding , fodder development and clean milk production practices.