Technical Input

In addition to provision of regular and remunerative market for milk to the farmers the dairy cooperative development programme also provides input services for promoting animal health and production enhancement of milch animals


A. Animal Health Programme (AH)

Veterinary services like first aid, medical treatment and vaccinations are being provided to the members by the milk unions.

• First aid is provided to animals of members at village level through DCS.

• Regular scheduled services are provided by mobile units and at veterinary camps.

• Emergency services provide veterinary care at the farmer’s doorstep.


B. Breed Improvement

1. Artificial Insemination Program  (AI)

Artificial Insemination Programme has been undertaken by RCDF. To supply the frozen semen to the AI Centers of Milk Unions as well as to A.H. Department, an ultramodern Frozen Semen Station is established at Bassi which supplies the Semen of high pedigree exotic and native breeds.

2. Natural Services (NS)

Bulls of improved breeds are provided at dairy cooperative societies where AI activities are not much feasible.